We believe in building relationships that are rewarding for all involved. We also believe good relationships are a result of honesty, integrity, trust, doing what you say you will, and, of course, in our industry, producing excellent, compelling, effective creative work in cooperation with our clients. We have had some of the same clients for more than 15 years. Nearly all of our work comes to us through referrals. That's important, humbling, and rewarding to us.
Relationships are also about knowing, respecting, and appreciating each other. So here are some things about us that hopefully will help give you a preview of our personalities and show our enjoyment in working together (for many, many years).
Karen Crane and Dean Sipe are partners in Plow Creative Services. We've worked as a team for nearly 20 years. We both have a diverse set of complimentary skills that enable us to tackle any creative project and deliver added value to clients. Our combined years of experience in the advertising/marketing/graphic design world total more than 60 years...yep, that's crazy. For both of us, love of design and making a positive impact for our clients has been the driving force behind our lifelong career paths. 
Karen has a BSBA in Marketing from the University of Louisville School of Business, with real world experience in entrepreneurialism, project management, copywriting, and design (self taught over many years). 
Dean has a business degree from Hanover College, as well as a graphic design degree from Sullivan College of Design. Both of us have won awards for work we've done, but what's truly important to us that the relationships we've built and that our contributions help make our clients successful. 
We are well-equipped and well-experienced to be a valuable part of your team.
Sometimes we are a bit goofy.
But really, it's all in the spirit of adventure, fun, and creativity...
...and Karen seems to come up with a lot of goofy things for Dean to do and usually he does them. :)
Mini Dean
Mini Dean
Eclipse Face. Karen decides to take a picture of the solar eclipse, but doesn't realize the camera is on selfie mode. :(
Eclipse Face. Karen decides to take a picture of the solar eclipse, but doesn't realize the camera is on selfie mode. :(

Dean's Christmas "Hat Ball Twirl"

Dean wears ridiculous headband in a public parking lot so Karen will give him a cool mid century fish bottle opener. Also shown is Dean's lovely wife, Naomi!

Our Interests and Hobbies

What can I say? It was a team golf event and . . . anything for the team!

Sadly, it didn't turn out as I had hoped, but I gave it my best shot (lol).

My mom, herself a former golfer. always tells me to "hit one for me"...this one was for her! :)

Dean loves to create and work with his hands. This is an awesome TV stand (approx. 7' long) he built from large crate boxes we purchased from Miller Pipe Organ Co. when the company went out of business. Note the large red casters. Super industrial chic. (Interestingly, Dean's wife's maiden name is Miller.)

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